Following on from the most recent announcements, England is once again in another lockdown. With many businesses temporarily closed to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, the construction industry remains open, including tool hire shops. 

Those in the construction sector can continue to run as normal providing they follow strict government guidelines as they have been identified as an essential service provider. Trade counters may also continue to serve both trade and retail customers. 

Are Tool Hire Shops Open in Lockdown 3.0?

Why Do Construction Companies Remain Open?

Many tool and plant hire businesses are staying open (like us) during the Covid-19 outbreak to ‘Keep the UK going’ after all supplying to the NHS, supermarkets, construction sites, police, utility companies, and more is extremely important in these times. 

The Prime Minister has emphasized the importance of the construction industry and supply chain to ensure our country’s businesses and homes are kept warm, dry and secure.

What Businesses Remain Open In Lockdown 3.0?

Here is a list of businesses that are allowed to stay open in England under the current Lockdown measures: 

  • Essential Retail such as supermarkets, food shops, pharmacies, garden centres, building merchants and suppliers of building products.
  • Petrol Stations, Vehicle Repair and MOT Services, Taxi and Vehicle Hire and Bicycle shops.
  • Market Stalls selling essential retail
  • Funeral Directors
  • Medical and Dental services
  • Pet food product retailers and vets 
  • Launderettes and Dry Cleaners
  • Storage and Distribution sites
  • Banks and Building Societies

Where To Find Open Tool Hire Shops In Lockdown 3.0

Whilst most construction companies remain open and tool hire shops remain fully operational, you’re probably going to want to know how to find your local tool hire shop. 

As an open tool hire shop based in Staffordshire, we offer tool hire across a variety of areas such as Crewe, Stoke-on-Trent and Cheshire. From digger hire in Stoke-on-Trent to trailers in Crewe, whatever you need, we’re sure our team can help! 

For more information about the opening times of our tool hire shop or to hire our equipment, please get in touch with us on our Staffordshire line on 01782 612 000 or our Cheshire line on 01270 696 777.