In our industry, we are asked a lot of questions about micro diggers and mini diggers, so we thought we would do a list of the top questions asked when hiring one of our micro or mini diggers. We hope it helps you in your quest to hire the right machine for you! Here’s everything you need to know about micro and mini diggers…

How Much Is A Mini Digger?

Prices can vary from business to business, but the average price is between £75.00 to £100.00 for 1 day dependent on the size of the machine.

How Powerful Is A Mini Digger?

Our machines are immensely powerful, most of our customers are surprised that our micro diggers can do all the tasks of a bigger 1.5-ton mini digger, albeit they may take a minute or two longer. JCB quote ‘They are small enough to fit through a door but powerful enough to do the work of ten men’.

Will A Mini Digger Fit Through Doorways Or Garden Gates?

Yes, our JCB 8008 micro diggers have a retractable undercarriage that can reduce the width of the machine to 700mm making them the ideal machines for restricted access. They were designed to fit through the standard doorway or garden gate and are perfect for tasks like landscaping projects, digging a pound and ground levelling before laying turf.

Will A Mini Digger Remove Tree Stumps?

Yes, smaller trees can be removed by a mini digger. It is likely to take a little longer but has the advantage of removing the majority of the tree roots as well. If you have a larger tree stump to remove we suggest hiring our Stump Grinder instead. They grind down the main root plate leaving you with sawdust to dispose of and in our opinion is the better option.

Should I Hire A Tracked Dumpster Too?

We advise that if you have a skip that is further than a metre away from your project then yes most definitely! They are 20 times more efficient than using a traditional wheelbarrow. Our JCB HTD5’s also have retractable tracks so can be used in conjunction with our micro diggers.

To hire one of our mini or micro diggers, simply get in touch with our team today. Call our Staffordshire line on 01782 612 000 our Cheshire line on 01270 696 777 or send an email to