We’ve recently been featured in a variety of online articles including The Construction Index, Alan Guthrie, and Business Live, after celebrating a successful first year in business. 

Here’s what our directors had to say about our first year in business…

Andy Macartney says: “We have been absolutely delighted with our successful first year in plant hire and wish to thank those valued customers across the city and surrounding area who took a chance on a new player in the market and have stood by us ever since.

“Our inspiration for the business came from our own struggles to source equipment quickly, reliably and out of office hours when doing our own projects at home. We recognised there was a gap in the market for a plant and tool hirer prepared to do whatever it takes to help customers. That’s where the idea for a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week hirer that ‘never says no to customers’ was born and that ethos has brought loyalty from our customers in return.”

Joanne Macartney adds: “Once we made the decision to go for it, it had to be with JCB. Supporting a British manufacturer was important to us – as was the ability to source the bulk of our wide-ranging fleet from one place. There was also great synergy with a local, successful business still run by the founding family to this day.

“From the very first moment, the service from Gunn JCB was amazing. They treated Andy and I as equals and their experience, advice and backup has been incredible throughout.”

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For further information about our equipment for hire, please get in touch with our team directly. You can call us on our Staffordshire line on 01782 612 000 or on our Cheshire line on 01270 696 777.