Getting your garden ready for spring can be a big task and also rather daunting! To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our most popular gardening tools and equipment to help you on your way this spring. Whether you need tools and equipment for garden clearance, cleaning, lawn care, tree cutting or hedge trimming we’ve got it.

Our Most Popular Gardening Tools for Your Outdoor Space This Spring

#1 Petrol Wood Chippers

As we all know trees and branches are heavy and can be a major problem to dispose of once you have cut them down. One of the best methods available to use to remove this problem is a Wood Chipper. Our most popular chipper is our Timberwolf TW13/75G which is easy to move, safe to operate and boasts a fast work rate. 

Hiring a wood chipper saves you time, labour and money compared to manual clearance and removal, and you can also use your wood chippings in your garden as mulch so it’s a win all round!

#2 Rotovators

Our rotovators are powerful pieces of garden machinery that are often used in allotments, gardens, smallholdings and fields to break up, churn and aerate the soil prior to planting spring seeds or bulbs. With three different sized rotovators we are sure to have the best garden machinery for your job. 

The benefits of rotovating your land correctly are that it improves drainage, levels out the area making the ground perfect for growing flowers, vegetables and crops. How do you know which rotovator is the right machine for you?

5.5HP Tiller

Perfectly designed for use in gardens or small allotments. Used to cultivate small gardens, flower beds and borders.

8HP Rotovator 

Our 8HP Rotovator is a more powerful machine compared to a Tiller. Perfect for landscapers, gardeners or contractors working in harder environments. For use in large gardens, allotments, or smallholdings. Designed for use when the ground is worked for the first time.

13HP Rotovator

Our 13HP Rotovators have been designed to tackle the hardest of ground. Used for cultivating larger plots of land, fields and vegetable patches.

#3 Pressure Washers

Who doesn’t love a nice clean patio, driveway or path to enjoy on a summer evening? Simple tasks like steam cleaning or pressure washing can make an instant impact on your garden. You could spend a long time using chemical cleaners and a lot of elbow grease but hiring a pressure washer is a much more time and cost-effective way.

#4 Lawn Scarifiers

Scarifying your lawn is essential in great lawn care, and what’s even better is it only needs to be done once a year! Scarifying essentially removes moss, weeds and thatch from the lawn, which can prevent healthy grass from growing through and be unsightly to look at. It strips back any unwanted organic matter, prunes the grass and allows fresh grass seed to grow and flourish with more air and water available.

#5 Hedge Trimmers & Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

Spring is a great time to give any hedges and hedgerows a good trim and tidy up before birds begin nesting in them. We supply both battery operated for user ease and petrol. 

#6 Aerators

Aerating your lawn is a process to keep the soil healthy in order to give your lawn the very best chance at flourishing. An aerator makes small holes in the soil which provide better absorption of air, water and essential nutrients. The best time to aerate your lawn in the UK is either early or late spring and autumn. 

#7 Tracked Skiploaders

Our tracked skiploaders are an exceptional machine used for moving all types of building materials, aggregate, large volumes of earth stone and rubble. With a 500kg load capacity, it’s no wonder they are so popular. Proven to be over 20 times more effective than a traditional wheelbarrow and narrow enough to fit through standard garden gates and down alleyways.

Check your Tools

After a long, cold and wet winter you need to check that your own gardening tools and equipment have survived and are in full working order. Equipment can quite easily have rusted, seized or gone wrong whilst being stored. We offer all types of repairs and servicing on gardening equipment including lawn mower repairs, hedge trimmer and pruner repairs and much more across Staffordshire and Cheshire.