With spring just around the corner, we can expect avid gardeners to be back outdoors once again. Whether you’re looking for the best advice on garden prep this spring or looking for top gardening tips, we’re here to help!

In this blog, we’re telling you the top 4 spring gardening tips on how to prepare your garden for the coming spring months. Here’s everything you need to know…

#1 Address Hardscaping Issues

In early spring before the ground is ready to be worked, it is best to focus on hardscaping. Hardscaping is essentially all the non-living elements in your garden. This is the best time to assess the damage done in the winter months and begin to bring your garden back to life! 

The best hardscaping jobs to focus your energy on at this time include:

  • Repairing any damaged fencing or retaining walls
  • Repairing trellises, window boxes and raised beds
  • Cleaning out guttering
  • Pressure wash all paving slabs and pathways
  • Freshen up paint, stain or sealant
  • Clean off garden furniture ready for summer relaxing

These jobs are much easier to accomplish while your plants are resting.

#2 Spring Clean Your Garden

You would be amazed what a difference a spring clean of your garden can make!

Just a couple of hours can transform your sad winter ravaged garden into a spring retreat. To help you spring clean your garden, here are some key spring gardening tasks:

  • Clean plant debris from all garden beds and plant pots
  • Pick up and dispose of any fallen tree branches, last years foliage and dead leaves
  • Clean out debris from any ponds or water features
  • Scrub and sterilise bird baths and containers

#3 Prune Prune & Prune Some More

Spring is a great time to prune all kinds of trees and shrubs. Cutting back your plants is important in ensuring they have enough space to grow. Here are our top 3 spring gardening tips for pruning:

  • Prune anything that has been damaged or broken by the cold winter weather
  • Follow the general rule of flowering shrubs which bloom on new wood can be trimmed in spring
  • Prune or cut evergreens like boxwood once their new growth has finished emerging

#4 Plant Spring Containers & Borders

Personally, this is our favourite job when you can finally plant some bright and colourful plants. Though you may think most flowers need the soil to have warmed up before planting, cold weather loving plants like pansies and snapdragons won’t mind if you plant them in the early spring. The best idea is to wait until the last frost to plant.

Hire Gardening & Landscaping Equipment

If you’re looking to revamp your garden or need to hire some equipment for a commercial landscaping project, get in touch with our team today. We have a wide range of gardening equipment and landscaping machinery including turf cutters, pruners,  and stump grinders available for hire across Cheshire and Staffordshire. Call us today on our Staffordshire line on 01782 612 000 or on our Cheshire line on 01270 696 777 and our team will be able to help.