Excavators are used for a variety of projects for both commercial and domestic customers. From digging up your garden to lay a patio to moving larger amounts of debris across a construction site. Throughout this blog, we’ll be running through everything you need to know about excavators, the different types available and their roles in the construction industry.

What Is An Excavator?

We’re sure you already know what an excavator is but for those looking to hire one for their domestic project, you may not be sure what an excavator actually is.

Often referred to as diggers, an excavator is a popular choice of machinery for those working on construction sites or in situations where an “earth-moving” vehicle is required. Typically, these excavators will have a bucket, arm, rotating cab and movable tracks, perfect to create trenches, holes and foundations.

Types Of Excavators

What Does An Excavator Do?

There are a variety of excavators to choose from for your project, whether that be dragline, crawler, or long reach excavators. To give you a clearer idea of what type of excavator you may need, here is a brief breakdown:

1 Ton Excavators 

These types of diggers are what’s known as micro excavators, compact but yet powerful enough to provide you with the machinery for excavations on-site or at home. Our 1 Ton Digger found here, can be used to dig and level areas of land for ponds, landscaping projects, underground installation and more. 

Available for one day hire from just £75, it can easily be booked now. Simply click here for more information. 

2 Ton Excavators 

Our 2 Ton Diggers are ideal or digging up large amounts of earth both quickly and efficiently in areas such as gardens, parks, and on construction sites.  We currently have two types of 2 Ton Diggers available for hire:

Again these excavators can be used for both commercial and domestic projects to landscape gardens, install underground pipes, moving large amounts of debris or dig out a pond. 

For additional information, please get in touch by calling us on our Staffordshire number on 01782 612 000 or our Cheshire line on 01270 696 777.

3 Ton Excavators 

The 3 Ton Diggers are our biggest excavators capable of digging deep and getting out again with ease and efficiency. Similar to our 2 ton machinery, we currently have 2 types of 3 ton excavators available:

These excavators don’t compromise on performance or power and work comfortably in a variety of weathers. With our first 3 Ton Digger, you will also get a JCB 3T-1 Dumper which is tough, robust and highly effective as site dumpers, whereas our JCB Tail Swing Excavator has a fully heated cab offering comfortable working all year round. 

To book a 3 Ton Excavator, please call us today on our Staffordshire number on 01782 612 000 or our Cheshire line on 01270 696 777.

If you need any further support about what digger you may need for your commercial or domestic project, just let our team know and we will always do our best to ensure that you have the right equipment that you need. 

Additional Attachments For Your Excavator

Now you know a little bit more about what type of excavator you need and what our diggers can be used for, you’re probably going to need to know a bit more about the suitable attachments for them. 

There are a variety of attachments that you may need to use for your project, but the main attachments we have available include:

Each of these attachments have their own purpose from offering more accurate drilling, a more powerful tool to break up concrete and more accurate fitting of diameter posts. Click on the links above for further information about our attachments. 

Hire An Excavator

Hiring an excavator couldn’t be easier! We supply 1, 2 and 3 Ton Excavators with various attachments to all areas of Staffordshire and Cheshire including Crewe, Nantwich, Middlewich, Northwich, Newcastle Under Lyme, and Stoke On Trent.

Please give us a call on our Staffordshire number on 01782 612 000 or our Cheshire line on 01270 696 777 for more information or to book an excavator. We offer support and advice on our machinery, pricing and frequently asked questions by our customers.

For commercial clients looking for a trade account, please download our trade account application form here.